Newspaper effect in Lightroom + Photoshop


For those who like to create engaging content inside the graphic software, this will be your tutorial. Imagine you are having a party and you want your invitation cards to look cool, fresh and different; you would then start looking for ideas. How about a newspaper? Like if your party was on the first page of a newspaper, with the headlines advertising the event. Now you can create this kind of effect with a combination of two amazing software from the very same developer: Adobe. Follow up this guide on how to create a Newspaper effect in Lightroom + Photoshop.

Lightroom workflow

For this tutorial, Lightroom part may seem little, but it is the most important part of the effect. Since I am going to work with a B&W newspaper template, then I need my image to be B&W as well. And is there a better and quicker way to convert your photos to B&W rather than doing it inside Lightroom?


Load your image and switch to the preset tab. As you can see, I am using a group of friends as an image, feel free to use the image that suits your needs. What you are going to need now if you want to work in a quick way is a few B&W Lightroom Presets. I am going to use Premium Black & White from GraphicRiver.


Apply the preset to your image and export it. If you don’t happen to have any other preset installed inside Lightroom, use default ones, they are quite good.

Photoshop workflow


In Photoshop you have to open the template of the newspaper, then insert the photo at the white blank space. But as the photo needs to be placed in a certain space, then I want to create a shape that will only give us the space needed for the photo, masking the rest of the image out. As you can see, it is a quite simple shape, and then I apply it to the group I’ll create for the picture as a layer mask. This way, I can freely transform the image to zoom in or out, without covering any part of the text.


Go now to the group, right click on it, Layer Blending options.


Inside here apply a Stroke. 6 px in size, a position outside, opacity 60%. This creates the effect of the frame every picture has at a newspaper.

At the filters gallery, apply a Halftone pattern on our image, this gives the first impression of a newspaper effect.


To add more “newspaper” effect to the picture, add a Levels Adjustment layer and increase the blacks on this image, for not looking so washed when we add the next effect.


Create a new blank layer and go to the Filters menu, and under the Render tab, apply Clouds. This will fill our image with clouds, which now we are going to Filters menu again, Pixelate and under the very options, choose Mezzotint. Apply a Coarse Dots option; set the layer blending mode of this layer to Overlay, with an opacity of 22%

news_8 news_9

Now the most important thing is the lettering here. You want to have two kinds of fonts:

  1. One for the party details, this one goes on the newspaper, B&W
  2. One that overlays the entire scene, for extra feeling on a party invitation

My first font, in this case, is going to be Caslon. Write the header in bold capital letters, then convert the text layer to a Smart Shape. As a Smart Shape, I can quickly readjust the image and avoid one of the most common mistakes when working with fonts at Graphic Design: Getting errors further on if the font is not installed at another PC.


Reduce the opacity a little bit, so the text won’t look like it’s added on the newspaper and place it at its proper location.

Now switch to the second font, which in this case is going to be Wolf in the City. I chose a blue color to make it stand out, and write the text with the invitation to the party. Be creative, create something catchy for the eye, as well as providing the location and date details in a friendly way.


Then convert to Smart Shape as well, rotate it to give a more dynamic look in our image, and place it across the whole image.

Finally, I want to add a Drop Shadow effect with this very parameter at the Blending Options. This will make the text to outstand a bit more than it used to do, and it’s always a plus.


And this is our end result

Newspaper Final

Just keep in mind that for this effect, font pairing is everything. You can also apply some filters on this image if you feel up to do it. Have fun!

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