Notebook Mockup Designs: The 17 Coolest Ones You’ve GOT to See!

Whether it’s for school or work, notebooks will be a staple. EVERYONE uses paper or notebooks at least one point in their lives, jotting down notes for meetings and homework. Some people use it for drawing or writing to pass time as well! Either way, it’s something that won’t die out in the near future. That’s why you would still find a lot of businesses selling notebooks with creative designs to attract customers and improve their sales. Companies also use notebooks with their own logo for branding. If you want to have your own notebook design as well, then it’s best to look for inspiration from a notebook mockup!

But out of all the designs and types of notebook mockups you see, which one is the best? This is where I show you my top 17 notebook mockup choices for you.

17 Best Notebook Mockup Reviews

After doing research and checking up on the customer reputation, here are my top 17 choices on the best notebook mockup designs, based on the type of notebook and style it offers:

  1. A4 Spiral Notebook Mockup

    notebook mockup
    If you want to show off your spiral notebook in a realistic yet clean way, then let this spiral notebook mockup do the trick. Not only will you be able to get inspired by its clean-cut design, but you’ll also be able to tweak it according to however way you want it. You can choose between various patterns and colors, or you can even add your own logo.

    It’s very easy to use, so you can make your own realistic mockup display of your notebook within seconds!

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  2. Notebook Mockup

    This notebook mockup design is perfect for just about any business or company. it comes with a simple and naked design, so it’s great for those who want something minimalistic but eye-catching. You can add in any of your logos or company name so people know who owns it or from what business it’s from. Whether it’s for personal or business use, it can help create a nice picture and display for websites and posting purposes.

    If you want to improve the flair of your notebook display, then you can change both the patterns and backgrounds according to your style.

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  3. Color Notebooks

    What I love about these notebooks is that t comes with a wide variety of colors suitable for just about anything. It looks like a great planner to use when at work or school. Or, you can use it as a plain notebook to write your meetings down with ease. Not only can you choose the colors, but in what position you want it in, whether it’s closed or in an open design. Choose between side views, open, closed, or just about any angle to fully display the notebook design you want to show to your viewers.

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  4. Formal Notebook Mockup

    If you want something a bit formal for your thesis, business report, or anything academe and professional-related, then this notebook is perfect. It has the look of a school yearbook, where you’ll be able to tweak both the logo and text according to what you want to show. You can either have it in plain colors (with a lot to choose from!), or you can add in any of your personal designs through its organized layers.

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  5. Planner Notebook Mockup

    What’s cool about this notebook is that it can take form of either a notebook for your thoughts, for school, or even to plan your life! It’s got a quirky design, including a strap and bookmark to add. But you don’t ned to worry about not being able to tone down its modern vibe. You can choose between a plain color or adding text and logos to make it even more unique. You start off with a plain white notebook, and it’s up to you to design it however you like.

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  6. Spiral Notebook Mockup

    If you’re looking for another simple spiral notebook design, then I urge you to get this one. It’s very simple to customize and you’ll be able to add in a touch of personality or business without the hassle. It comes with five different styles and a PDF file containing all the instructions you need to follow so you can easily tweak the design according to how YOU want it. Whether you want graphics, logos, pictures or texts, you can have it and appreciate its high quality definition. It’s a must-see for those who need a spiral notebook design.

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  7. Sketchbook/Notebook Mockup

    This is another great design for those who want to produce sketchbooks for aspiring or practicing artists out there. Sketchbooks are something that won’t die out anytime soon. With this awesomely designed notebook, you’ll be able to display your notebook in a way that attracts many viewers and potential customers. You can also choose to have a spiral design, where you can add a graph-like design for school. You can choose between ten PSD views with various spirals. Not to worry about customization, as the organized layers and PDF instructions will help you out.

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  8. Spiral Notebook Mock-Up

    What’s so great about this spiral notebook is its professional look. That way, it looks great to create a mass production for your whole company. It’s more ideal for large corporations and groups of people. Why? It has a simple design where you can easily add in your company’s logo and other necessary information. But not to worry, as it is versatile and can work for personal customization as well. And all it takes is a minute to add your own design. All you need to do is paste your Smart Object design into the file, and you’re good to go.

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  9. Notebook/Sketchbook Mockup

    This is another great design for notebooks or sketchbooks alike. It’s perfect for millennials or professional artists because of its urban and modern design. It will easily inspire you to test your art into the notebook! The notebook comes with a large and attractive spiral design with lights, shadows, and backgrounds. Plus, you can tweak those for a better presentation. It even comes with photographic filters and beautiful drawings. The two artistic designs will entice viewers to either buy or comment on its cool design! With its clean design, it’s worth the price!

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  10. Moleskin Notebook Mockup

    Everyone knows the basic Moleskin design. It’s sleek, it’s elegant, and it definitely attracts a lot of people into purchasing their own genuine Moleskin! It’s what has got a lot of companies and businesses posting their own planners and notebooks inspired by the popular notebook brand. With this notebook mockup, you have an almost exact Moleskin design that looks as modern and clean-cut as the actual notebook.

    You can also add a bit of fun and design into the notebook through the use of Smart Objects. It’s a unique design with everything you need in one mockup.

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  11. Notebook Icon in Multiple Colors

    Similar to the Moleskin designed notebook mockup, you have the sleek and elegant design many people would love. While you can choose to add in your own design, the simplicity of the notebook is enough with you being able to choose between six different colors. The design also includes a ribbon bookmark, a strap, and a word Notebook in front where you can tweak it according to your personalization or branding.

    It’s a popular design and easy to tweak with a lot of colors to choose from. What more can you ask for?

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  12. Five Notebook Mockups

    If you’re looking for a whole package you can easily design, then these set of mockups are ideal. While they don’t come with a ring binder, they have the clean and empty spaces where you can either add in your own spirals, or go without and have the unique and organized design all people would love. I like how its background is very bright and cheery, which is what would attract a lot of viewers. Plus, you can add in an artistic or cute design, which is ideal for young hipsters!

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  13. Three PSD Notebook Mockups

    Are you looking for the complete package that’s suitable for all types of notebook users, may it be for school, work, or artistic hobbies? This notebook has the unique three designs that screams simplicity with a touch of class. It isn’t bound by the usual spirals, but with strong strings that sets a bohemian and hipster vibe. You can also choose between two types of spiral notebook designs. Its background is very beautiful, with a wooden table and a cup of coffee to surely emphasize the notebook design without plain or over-the-top scenery.

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  14. Notebook Mockup Set

    If you want a bit of cute and pretty designs suitable for women, or a plain color and logo for men, then you’ll want to get this mockup set that includes everything you need for easy customization and editing. It comes with various patterns and designs to choose from, or you can opt to use a simple color and add your logo and text. The background also includes a removable pen for flair! You can choose between different colored backgrounds, Amazon ready for selling.

    All in all, it’s a great notebook mockup that has a clean design with angles you need to showcase your product.

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  15. Twelve Vintage Notebook Mockups

    For those who want more of a hipster and bohemian vibe on their notebook designs, this notebook mockup plays with both dimensions and offers a vintage notebook that doesn’t look aesthetically beautiful, but very attractive for both students and employees alike. It has avery unique design that you can customize as your own with its Smart Objects and well organized folders and layers. It even has an old paper texture for better detail.

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  16. Stitched Notebook Mockup

    Stitched notebooks are in because of its simplicity and ease of use, so why not try your hand at this type of notebook and go for a simple design suitable for just about any notebook user? I love its clean-cut and minimalistic design. You can even add design into the paper for more customization and a more unique personality that sells. Take note that the stitches are from the center and that the paper is made out of recyclable material. Economical and environment-friendly, this is a good design you should consider investing in.

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  17. Notebook Mock-Up

    Last but not the least, this is another notebook without the spirals or stitches. BUT, it is bound together with special glue. What’s great about this notebook is that you can tweak both the design and sizes. Choose between any side to add the bind to or the shape you want the notebook as, may it be square or rectangle. Its flat lay design is also very attractive, with smart objects to customize it to your own preference. It looks natural, it’s simple, and many customers will love it! I say it’s worth the investment.

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In Conclusion

Whether it is for your company or personal branding having a notebook mockup will inspire you to think up of awesome designs people will love. The crowd will love it and either doodle or write notes on it for a long time. Plus, it gives out a bit of creativity and expression in you as well. It shows off your style, your company’s brand, all the while being useful for your school or work.

I hope that this article on the top 17 notebook mockup reviews helped you choose the best for you and your business. So what are you waiting for? Design your own notebooks and get the sleek mockup you need for your website today.

If you enjoyed the article or have any other review about the best notebook mockup, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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