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Quick overview: small business marketing on linkedin


In the recent past, social media marketing was all about Facebook and Twitter. With the competition rising as new sites enter the fray, understanding what it takes to make it as a social marketer in these different sites is something each social media marketer must focus on. To make big fuss of marketing on linkedin you need to deploy more than the basic strategy used by everyone and take things a notch higher into deploying advanced marketing strategies for your small business.

marketing on linkedin

Connect to the Right People in linkedin

The first step to more ROI for marketing on linkedin lies in getting the right connections. Thousands of connections to people who are not interested in your product or service are futile. You need to streamline your connections and focus on getting the people who will either help your marketing strategies go viral or actually be interested in what you are providing to the market.


Start with a linkedin Private Group

Since the ultimate goal is to go viral, focusing on building a group full of relevant or similar minded people should be top priority when marketing on linkedin. To do this, you first have to create a group and focus on collecting members who will help give it some presence on LinkedIn.
Whilst doing this publicly could increase the rate at which you collect members and grow, the risk of getting irrelevant group members and spammers I quite higher. By making the group private in linkedin, you can easily vet those applying to join and only grant access to the people you deem worthy.


Don’t Begin Selling too Early

Being over ambitious and trying to convert your very first audience into customers is a company social site presence killer. Giving your new members a reason to hang around is what you should focus on from the very start. Once you have gathered the attention, you can then start introducing your marketing ideas seasoned with interesting content to keep them hooked.


Write the Right Content for the Right Time

Other than just making a mistake and starting with marketing the very first days, many LinkedIn marketers make the mistake of focusing on writing rigid content that is specific to their niche. Even though this is advisable, mixing up your content with some interesting topics will give people a reason to come to your site. Whilst this should be a sideshow and not the main thing, keeping up with the flick should help you gather more audience and keep what you already have.


Make Mild Call to Action Prompts

Finally, you will want to convert all your efforts into real money. You would want to prompt your visitors to make a purchase or tickle back to your site when the time is ripe. Doing this is a gentle way ensures that you do not get too overt and annoying. A better way of drawing attention to your site from LinkedIn would be hosting content on your site and sharing links on LinkedIn.
Even though these steps might sound simple and expected, following them diligently in your maiden LinkedIn marketing days will lay a strong foundation to your future online marketing efforts.


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