StudioPress WordPress Premium Theme Review

(This is our honest review on the StudioPress WordPress Premium Theme. We have personally used it in our projects, and we only recommend things which we use and enjoy.)

StudioPress WordPress Premium Theme Review

StudioPress Analysis

Considering the uncountable amount of free WordPress themes out there, we can say that premium themes have uncountable amount of advantages when compared to the free onces. Usually under $100, the premium themes confirm their worth as they provide distinct premium WordPress designs and themes with a huge variation to select from.

Premium themes, along with professionally designed themes, come with a solid support community with which you can counter any problem which occurs, and they come with an option for you to rapidly customize your theme.

StudioPress gives you four basic options if you visit their website to purchase your theme. You can purchase:

  • A single theme designed by StudioPress
  • A theme developed by a trusted designer but sold by StudioPress
  • The Pro Plus all theme package
  • Free themes using the Genesis Framework

Every free theme is considered a child theme (we have previously wrote on child theme), requiring the need of Genesis Framework already installed on your site with the theme you want to use.

Genesis Framework


  • Well Trusted: Studio Press is currently trusted by more than 134,000 web owners.
  • Cost: You can either hire a personal web-designer to design your own website but comparing to that, StudioPress is significantly cheaper.
  • Lifetime Support: The prices also include a lifetime support and quick updates.
  • Strong Foundation: If you don’t know any super technical thing like computer coding, then you don’t need to worry about it. For your website, The Genesis Framework will provide a stable and strong foundation.
  • Security: The Genesis Framework complies with WP security best practices. It means that your website is very much more secure and functions to the point.
  • Unique Themes: Regularly, StudioPress is generating new and improved themes to make their buyers satisfied of having a theme which is unique and equally attractive.
  • One Cost Time: Once you’ve paid, you can use your theme on unlimited websites.
  • Designed For Mobiles: even on Mobile devices, your website looks at its very best.
  • Help Team Support: Always rated to its very best, the help team support of StudioPress have never taken longer than 24 hours to get you your required solution in a friendly manner.
  • SEO Optimization: The Genesis Framework is also SEO friendly; it means people will find you more easily using an online search engine.
  • Handy Features: Genesis Framework has features which are considered basic and easy to use. Their features include automatic updates and easy integration to Google authorship.


  • Limit: The ability to change the looks of your theme is very limited, the moment you buy a theme, you must be genuinely sure that ‘this is what you wanted’. Each theme is well developed so, StudioPress is sure that you won’t need to change it at all.
  • Basic Functionalities: Throughout the Internet, people have complained that StudioPress have very basic functionalities, although no one ever said they are ‘bad’, but simple basic.

StudioPress Costing

  • Single Themes: Costing around $79.95 – $99.95, the single themes provide you not only with the Genesis Framework but also with lifetime support and quick updates. Every day, each package provided by StudioPress is getting better and better. StudioPress also offers discount for the customers who return back for more purchasing.
  • Pro Plus All-Theme Package: For $349.95 you can gain access to all themes provided by StudioPress, including all future theme releases. This also includes support and quick updates. StudioPress also have a marketplace of designers (third-parties) who provide child themes, although this package doesn’t include themes from that marketplace.
  • The Genesis Framework: Empowering you to quickly and easily build your website (that saves your time), the Genesis Framework can be purchased for $59.95. Additionally providing you vital security so that you may not get hacked as well as SEO optimization. The Genesis Framework is a must to be purchased if you want to buy a StudioPress theme, and is mostly included in the purchase price of most of the themes.

Should You Be Using StudioPress?

To People Who Should:

Some people can’t decide whether or not should they use StudioPress, here are some points which should satisfy you if you really need StudioPress:

  • If you want your website to look more professional without wasting much time, StudioPress is right for you.
  • It’s a simple solution if you’re not much into web designing or development.
  • Some people have this problem of having existing websites which won’t function as per their requirement, StudioPress is right for them.
  • Content and creative writers have a lethal advantage in using StudioPress.
  • If you plan to use WordPress or you already are a WordPress user, then this is your chance of a lifetime.
  • According the Google, more than 85 on its tools have a very good speed which proves that StudioPress is relatively secure and faster.
  • People developing their own child themes mostly complain on their changes being lost with new updates, but with the Genesis Framework, that won’t happen again.

To People Who Shouldn’t:

  • For people who work with web-developers around them, they should not go ahead and use StudioPress, instead they can get their own custom websites built from third-party developers
  • Some people don’t want their businesses to go online, well StudioPress is technically not made for you if you are one of them.

Summing Up

Keeping this globally developing world in our minds, a human mind would divert to a more attractive finish before knowing the business provided by a company. With StudioPress you have a great offer with which you can make your business run online instantly. Running on top of solid frameworks, StudioPress has beautiful and unique designs. It is guaranteed that if you find a design that lures your mind towards it, then there is no need to worry because with StudioPress you can feel confident that there is a very stable system working underneath it.

Spending a hundred bucks is worth it If you’re using StudioPress, as for every entrepreneur, there is an up-to-date package waiting out there.

Tell us your opinions on StudioPress WordPress premium theme if you have used it before in the comments section below! See our Themes category to learn more about awesome WordPress themes. Why not like on Facebook and Google+?

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