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Amazing Web Font Deals Everyone Wants!

Sooner or later, you will realize how important a typeface is for your success in the online world. The right web font can make your site more attractive, readable and addicting, and the wrong...


17 Best Photoshop Fonts For Typographers

Ever wondered why most Photoshop fonts fail? Because the authors don’t intend them to be the tools to release the hidden potential in designers. It has been a great time since the font system...


Best Script Fonts You Will Find on the Market

The search for the best script fonts can be a tiresome battle. You will open many tabs, read much info about the typefaces, and spend a lot of your valuable designer’s time on scrolling...


13 pretty hand-script fonts ready to use

Don’t give up on making your project stand out – A partnership with these cute hand-script fonts is a guaranteed success! 13 fonts crafted with love who just wish to be part of your...