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Infoparrot is glad to announce that it has launched its scholarship program for 2015. The winners of the scholarship will receive $1,250 for their educational expenses for the academic year. As Infoparrot believes in sharing resources, it has a strong focus on giving back to the community.

Application Process

If you would like to apply for the Infoparrot 2015 scholarship, please complete the following steps –

1. Write an essay and send it to scholarships at

2. Complete the application form below

3. Submit your application by 11:59PM EST, December 31, 2015.

Title: The infoparrot Scholarship of Academic Excellence
Deadline: 11:59PM EST, December 31, 2015.
Amount: $1250,
Renewable/one-time: 3 winners every year but a student can only win once.
Population (UG, GR, HS Senior): Undergraduate, Graduate and High School Seniors with an acceptance letter from a University
Requirements: Write an essay (see our site for full description of essay requirements)

Which nationalities can apply for this: We currently accept all nationalities

Note that your university must be an accredited institution recognized by the highest academic authorities in your country.

Essay Requirements 2015

Write 1000-1600 words about the following:

The internet has allowed people from all over the world to develop and create businesses like never before. A person from India can offer services across the globe and take advantage of the globalization. Trading across borders has never been easier and this trend is stirring up the global economy. Jobs are pouring out of the western world and they are increasingly being outsourced to countries with cheaper labor. Discuss how the western countries should tackle this increasing trend of trading across borders. How can western countries benefit from this new “horizontal exchange of services”? Should the market regulate itself or should the government interfere? Finally, express your own opinion about the internet’s impact on the global economy.

Before submitting the application, make sure that you have provided all the relevant information. Any incomplete application and/or essays with punctuation, grammatical or structural errors will be disqualified from the scholarship project.

A student can apply only once per year for this scholarship. If double applications are found from a single applicant, the application will be disqualified.

send it to scholarships at

Fill the form

Application Confirmation

If your provided information is correct, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 7 business days. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship.

Payment Process

  • The Infoparrot scholarship will be paid to 3 winners annually. The selected applicant will receive a one-off payment of $1,250 only.
  • The winners of the 2015 scholarship will be announced on January 29, 2016.
  • The payment will be processed by March 31, 2016. The payment will be released to the college’s financial aid office, which will transfer the scholarship to the student’s account.

Applicant Eligibility

In order to be considered for the scholarship, the student has to meet the following criteria:
1. Currently enrolled as a full-time student in an educational institution or being able to show letter of acceptance from a university.
2. Has an identification number or identity card or any other legal document provided by the institution.
3. The final decision will be made by Infoparrot only. The decision is not open to appeal.
4. Before making the payment, the applicant’s information will be verified thoroughly. If any false or incorrect information is found in the application, the applicant will be disqualified without any notification.
5. A student can apply only once a year.

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If you have any other question about the scholarship, feel free to contact us by using any of the following methods.

Email: scholarships at