Top Trendy Watercolor Textures for Photographers and Designers

When looking for creative effects to apply to our photographs and designs, there isn’t anything better than applying some lovely textures to enhance that realistic feeling on certain compositions. On this behalf, watercolor textures become the star among the variated topics in textures that we may encounter – therefore, we would like to invite you to meet our selection of the very best trendy watercolor textures for Photoshop this season.

Sleeklens Dry Strokes Texture Collection

Stunning as always, Sleeklens introduces to us this creative set of Photoshop Textures to try and test, with exceptional results to be expected. A bundle of 60 high res textures, using realistic dry brush strokes as its main topic, in a wide range of effects and tones.

  • 55 original textures with 5 variations
  • 6300 x 4454px image size, with a high resolution of 300 DPI
  • Colors can be changed or desaturated
  • Textures compatible with Photoshop 4-6 and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Textures compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Paint Photo Shop Pro, Gimp, etc.
  • Textures that work with both JPEG and RAW images

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Dark Watercolor Textures

A delicate bundle of over 160 textures to include in your upcoming projects: ideal for scrapbooking, cards, home decor items and much more!

  • 140 textures in PNG files (with transparent background). 300 dpi. The sizes are from 950 x 950 px to 2000 x 3200 px
  • 40 circles in PNG files. 300 dpi. The sizes are from 930x950px to 1128 x 1170 px
  • 20 watercolor papers in .JPG files. 300 dpi. The sizes are about 1700 x 2300 px

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Black Ink Backgrounds

First volume of the compendium of Ink Backgrounds by ArtistMef – A pack of 25 High resolution wet ink textures and backgrounds. 6000×4000 pixels, 20×13.3 Inches, 300 DPI.

Ideal for any web design project, cards, print templates and much more!

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Artistic Backgrounds

Another bundle by the same artist of the previous one we reviewed; vibrant colors are just the main element of this cheerful bundle.

23 textures in JPG format with 3000 x 2000 px size. , 300 DPI resolution – RGB mode

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Give Me Watercolour Textures Quick!

This handcrafted bundle of 85 watercolor-inspired textures is all that’s needed for creating amazingly cute compositions in software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and much more.

Perfect for branding, web design, scrapbooking, cards, templates and everything else you can think that requires a tender detail.

Included in this handy pack :

1.) 30 Paper-sized Watercolour JPEG textures – approximately 8×10 inches.

2.) 55 Watercolour forms/shapes – all transparent PNGS – varying sizes documented in file name.

3.) A Handy short and sweet tutorial on how to tweak colour to suit your needs in Photoshop.

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Watercolour texture and splatter

72 creative watercolor textures to add to your designs, in a wide range of shapes and tones. From brushes to textures and splashes, this bundle will provide you all the elements needed for creating your perfect design.

All files are PNGs on transparent backgrounds – 300 DPI resolution

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Watercolor Textures. Light & Bright

Over 100 real-looking watercolor textures, with inspiring colors and splashes, to create incredible designs in no time!. Quickly adapt these high res textures to images, mockups, card designs and practically anything else you can think of with ease and flair.

600 DPI and 300 DPI files for experiencing a truly worth experience.

What’s inside the pack:

  • 63 .PNG shapes, forms
  • 28 .JPG papers
  • 12 .PNG blobs, splats
  • 6 .JPG seamless patterns

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Ultimate watercolor textures

Hancrafted textures, versatile and in a good range of cheerful colors, they will meet up with the needs of any demanding graphic designer. Enjoy a complete bundle of 82 watercolor textures in 600 DPI res format, plus 86 Photoshop brushes for a pretty convenient price.

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Watercolor Textures

Discover another fine selection of watercolor textures with this bundle!


  • 30 different Warercolor textures Jpeg & Png with transparent background
  • CMYK Setting
  • Print Ready Format
  • 3000 x 2500 Pixels
  • 300 DPI (Ready for printing)


  • 20 Jpeg files hi-res 300dpi, 3000 x 2500px
  • 10 Png files hi-res 300 dpi, 3000 x 2500px
  • 1 Text file (Informations + Help)

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Watercolor Texture Kit Vol. 2

Prepare to get creative with this complete solution for watercolor intended textures!

A kit of 48 pieces,  packed with 18 soft abstract watercolor textures, 18 circle-shaped textures perfect for logos, and 12 color streaked textures. All 48 pieces come as high res, 300dpi RGB jpgs and transparent pngs – retain the vibrancy of RGB and retain the high standard print resolution if you’d like to convert to CMYK for prints. And – with the included transparent pngs, place the textures on any background and never worry about having to mask unnecessary white from your edges.

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Watercolor Sea Textures

Sea inspired handrawn textures to explore with the help of Adobe Photoshop – Enjoy these 9 JPG files, with 300 dpi in either 2400×3400 and 3400×2400 px formats.

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Autumn Watercolor Textures

Watercolor background textures with a very vivid autumn feeling implied on them. Apply these shades of oranges, browns, reds and purples to your design while experiencing all the benefits of the translucent, watery texture feeling.

Perfect for scrapbooking projects, flyers, ads and much more. Size: 12″x12″ or 3600px x 3600px Resolution: 300 dpi Format: jpg + 1 multi-page PDF

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Winter Sky Watercolor Grey Washes

Embed some wintertime feeling to your designs with this pack of 10 JPEG 12×12′ ( 30x30cm) charcoal-indigo-grey ombre watercolor backgrounds; with 300 DPI resolution.

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110 Marble Ink Paper Textures

A huge collection of more than 100 marble-inspired textures; created with the technique of painting on water surface by ink and gathering this abstract flows by dropping paper into.

Pretty shapes and variety of effects, as well as tones, to include at any contemporary design project – from cards to images and templates, anything you can think of can be benefited by applying these marble textures to them.

All textures are 6000×4000 pixels, 20×13,3 In, 300 dpi

NB: Total file size is over 1 GB

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52 Watercolour textures PNG

Meet the amazing set of 52 cool watercolor textures of high quality. Each texture created by the artist’s hand is unique and has no duplicates.

The archive includes PNG files with a transparent background for your convenience. You can adjust the tone which you need.

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Aquarelle Designers Texture Pack

Second volume of aquarelle textures released by the designer, in a good range of realistic shapes and textures.

The pack includes:

• 47 Watercolour textures
• 107 Watercolour unique shapes
• A PDF file with some info about the Aquarelle Designers Texture Pack

Included file types:

• JPG files for textures
• Transparent PNG files for shapes and some textures

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Space Watercolor Textures

Let the stars guide your way with this smart looking watercolor texture bundle for Adobe Photoshop! Hand painted watercolor space textures with swashes of dark blue, violet and purple paint – You can truly feel stars gazing your path!

Package includes:

  • 14 files with space backgrounds in .JPG format without any text and watermarks.
  • Size: 12″x12″ (3600px), 300DPI Please note that preview photography and images with typography are not included.

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Watercolor Collection in Vector

A pack of over 50 acquarelle textures for Adobe Illustrator, fully compatible with Photoshop.

  • 50 Illustrator Watercolor Styles to get you started (see preview) – one click to add watercolor to an object.
  • 120 hand draw elements.
  • 31 watercolor forms for your design.
  • 12 watercolor vector backgrounds.
  • 8 vector patterns.
  • 35 grunge textures!

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64 Watercolor Textures

No doubt, a set of 64 Unique Watercolor Textures, Handcrafted with love!

You will receive the following items:

  • 32 Watercolor Textures in .JPG format
  • 32 Neon Watercolor Textures in .JPG format
  • Readme.txt file

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500 Watercolor Textures Packs

A massive bundle of 500 watercolor textures, ready to use, and perfect for most instances than you can ever imagine. Awesome for your for vector artwork, logo, websites, apparel, stationery, banner, digital drawing, packaging , invitation, merchandise design, and another creative project.

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  1. Photoshop texture create the realistic and naturalistic looks for photographers or designers. I am always trying to use a variety of texture techniques in my work. Personally, I love sleeklens creative set of Photoshop Textures with exceptional results.

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