pinterest for small businesses

How to use Pinterest for small business


Probably by this time, you may have known about this “online pinboard” that has been consuming social media enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Pinterest is an image-based network of anything that a Pinterest user wishes to voice out — whether that incorporates valuable website links, quotes, pictures, or recipes. It has a board that a client can pin compelling pictures onto. Once made, a board could be seen by anyone perusing Pinterest.

This amazing social network is indeed advantageous as this could lead to an increased website traffic and ultimately, sales. How beneficial is Pinterest on small business owners?This article will impart to you marketing ideas for small businesses. But first, you have to learn how to use Pinterest for small businesses.

pinterest for small businesses

Setting up a Pinterest account:

Setting up a Pinterest account is very easy. You can either join by invites or by creating your own account by simply connecting to your account on Facebook or Twitter. Here, you build a record with your name, email address, and website, and have the advantage of being able to find friends and followers who are Pinterest users.


Build and put up your boards:

There is a wide range of image-based board themes in the site that you can choose from. Once you have chosen your desired board themes, you can start filling it with “pins,” (the Pinterest term for images, quotes, videos, or links that a client has gathered from the web). You can also customize your boards by editing or deleting pins whenever you wish to.


marketing ideas for small businesses with pinterest

Make pins:

Creating pins on regular basis can increase your visibility on Pinterest. Users can either “like” or “repin” your posts on their boards. The more individuals who likes or repins your posts, the greater is the visibility of your profile and your boards. This can be an important tool in building website traffic since all “pins” are connected to their original source. This now makes Pinterest on small business marketing highly beneficial.Begin by dragging the “Pin It”button into your bookmarks toolbar (a step-by-step guide can be found on Pinterest’s Help section). You can then take pictures which link to your website and “pin” it to share on your boards. In case you’re out somewhere, you can actually connect to Pinterest on iphone to transfer pictures, links, or videos with this mobile application.


small business marketing ideas using pinterest social media


Incorporate your site and Pinterest:

When you make your profile, utilize your business name and include your site. Make a “follow me on Pinterest” button to your website by copy-pasting the Pinterest-provided code to your business site. This will automatically link to your boards once it is clicked by any interested user. Moreover, a couple of easy lines of codes are offered so that you may install Pinterest on your small business site to show a “Pin It” message on pages or next to numerous images, on the off chance that you sell different items. With the “Pin It” button, different clients will might effectively catch and apply the “pin” to their boards, which will increase sharing and most of all, increase visibility for your small business.


Fish out followers:

Logging in to Pinterest with your social network profile will automatically link you to those users. This means that anyone can actually see your pins on your boards. Pinterest users that like your pins will then possibly follow you. However, keep in mind that Pinterest is not planned for conspicuous progression towards oneself, but on imparting emotional responses or reactions of the users. Thus, a good marketing strategy at Pinterest on small business owners will be creating pins and boards that showcase the nature of their business; its qualities, services, and products, as this will lead you not only increased views but also sales.


pinterest for small business
pinterest for small business


Since all “pins” permit clients to “like” or make a comment, it can be a helpful venue for uncovering new items and captivating clients. On the off chance that your small business offers various products and services, you can make themed boards to showcase everything about your business. On the off chance that your business is on teaching a specific skill, it’s best to upload videos, so that it will be inviting to the users and will likely be visiting your site to learn more.You can also be inspired in your pursuit to acquiring a successful business career by viewing the “Pinterviews” section.


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