Top PSD Wedding Invitation Templates for the Most Special Day!

Weddings are one of the most beautiful events, two people are committing themselves to spend their life’s together sharing the love they feel. And such an important event in someone’s life has to be perfect, from the start to the end, the whole has to be planned and one of the first things people do when planning their wedding is to decide the guest list and choose how will their invitations will look like.

In order to choose a wedding invitation design first you need options to choose from, right? Well we did our research and gathered some wedding invitation templates  to give you enough options so you can give those person more options to choose from.

Our Classy Wedding – Sleeklens

Classical and unique fancy style to make that special day an unforgettable one! With delicate pink shades and handscript fonts, fully editable to include your and your loved one’s name in just seconds, feel inspired to craft your way to an astonishing event.

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Be Mine – Sleeklens

Don’t let the invitation cards for that special day in your life to miss the sparkle to impress or communicate this moment of happiness! With a unique, heart-shaped, glittery design, you can craft your way for creating everlasting memories to accompany your photographs and souvenirs. Fully editable in Adobe Photoshop CS+ and Photoshop Elements 7-14

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Touch of Pink – Sleeklens

A lovely flower-inspired invitation card template that won’t disappoint your loved ones. Pink tones that speak of elegance; and a very clear, framed, announcement of your wedding date.
Enjoy all what this template can offer you in Adobe Photoshop.

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Wedding Invite Suite – Blacktastic


Invitation and Wedding Set designed in dark colors with colored tones to make the details stand out in a really astonishing way, this set includes the invitation plus several other assets to assemble a full wedding kit including, Invitation, Menu Schedule, R.S.V.P and many more. With a very modern and elegant style, that puts together the elegance of minimalistic design with beautiful details.

The PSD files can be customized to fill your needs, from changing fonts to changing colors and working, this suite ensures you that all your wedding prints will be astonishing and will match to perfection.

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Wedding Invitation Suite – Moderna


The Moderna Invitation Suite is as it name says, has a very modern and stylish design featuring the right elements to make a beautiful invitation. Featuring beautiful diagonal lines and incredibly well placed elements, Moderna makes for an outstanding wedding suite that has the potential to make of all of the wedding prints a piece that makes for beautiful souvenirs.

These wedding invitation templates are fully customizable to fit any needs, the fonts used on the templates are free fonts so you don’t need to get additional fonts to use this template as it is.

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Wedding Invitation Suite – Isabella


Featuring beautiful silhouettes and an amazing clipart, this wedding invitation suite that goes with the name Isabella, is full of beautifully designed elements and details that make for a perfect wedding invitation set. The colors used in the templates make a great combination for weddings giving it a modern look while keeping that look and feel of the traditional invitations.

All of the elements of Isabella are fully customizable so you can use the clipart as you wish ant the fonts are free ones so every single detail on these templates is fully customizable to achieve many different looks and feels.

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Wedding Invitation Suite – Lux


Beautifully designed to take advantage of high contrasting colors to give a beautiful effect, this invitation suite is completely amazing, the modern style used in the design of these templates makes it look like a book cover for the perfect love story.

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Wedding Invitation Template – Vintage Rose


The Vintage Rose wedding invitation template is just stunning, with floral design and stylish lettering all framed into a custom designed frame that makes a perfect message container. These templates are fully editable and printing ready, you can print them yourself at home or send them over for professional printing.

These wedding invitation templates are simply outstanding, they come with several file types so you can edit it on the picture editing tool of your choice.

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Wedding Invitation Set – Gold Confetti


This sophisticated and elegant design has all of the elements that make it a very chic and eye-catching design to delight the attendants.

This package comes in different file formats so you can edit them with any picture editing tool you have, but Photoshop or Adobe illustrator are best recommended with this template. It also is printing ready so you can print at home or send to professional printer.

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Wedding invitation template – Royal Wedding


A very modern and trendy invitation template that will delight everyone this templates are the perfect way to start the glorious journey that is to be married.

This multipurpose wedding invitation templates package, is fitted with different files for different purposes like “save the date” or “anniversary invitations”.

These wedding invitation templates are made with Photoshop so anyone to make them easy to edit, all the hard work is already done. Just download and edit.

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The Wedding Invitation


This modern design combines stylish fonts with dark backgrounds and light details that make it a beautiful option for all kinds of weddings from modern to traditional.

This PSD package includes only two files for the front and back of the invitation but it is still a very well designed template that will make everyone in love but with the wedding invitations.

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Chalkboard Wedding Invitations


Another trend that is taking by storm the design of events invitations is the chalkboard design, and we have to admit it, it has a cool vibe. This package includes 9 different files in three different color schemes: black, green and grey. You can customize every single element of the templates using PSD or Adobe Illustrator.

These wedding invitation templates come print ready so you can print them at home or send for professional printing with special paper and finishes to add that something extra that will delight all of the attendants.

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Wedding invitation Templates: Invite


This wedding invitation packages is flawlessly design to give the attendants a really nice experience when receiving your invitation, they’ll love the way your invitations look and might even ask you who designed them for you!

This wedding invitation package includes an invitation template and an R.S.V.P template in three different color schemes, they are fully editable.

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Vintage wedding invitations

wedding invitation templates 11

The invitations templates included in this package are perfectly designs using a vintage style to give it a feel of modernity while keeping the good look of the traditional wedding invitations. The design of this temples is top notch in terms of design, look and feel, every small detail is perfectly placed to astonish and mesmerize the attendants of this super special day.

This package comes with files in different file formats so you can edit them with the tool of your choice, just make the changes you want to do and save.

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